I will never get tired of loving you;
No matter what I had to go through.
By thick and thin I’ll make my ways;
To get and spend more of our joyful days.

I will never get tired of showing how I feel;
No matter how confused you are with what’s real.
Through good and bad times I will make you feel special;
Through the distance I will let you see how great is my love.

I beg you not to let go, and I will do that everyday.
I will plead for your strength and for you to stay.
But when you think you reached the point of saying goodbye,
I will let you walk away with a faint smile.

I love you.


Then ‘Til Now

Loving from afar is not an easy thing,

Seeing your smile from a distance leaves me floating.

You’ve been very special from then ’til now,

With every glance and thought you’ve a ‘wow’.


I’ve been amazed by your determination,

Asking myself where to get the same motivation.

From then ’til now you seemed so sure of yourself,

Your plans, your dreams are defined on your shelves.


You’re a great challenge and a privilege for me,

You’ve been there as long as I need thee,

I might not be physically healthy,

But my love will remain faithfully.


To you, my dear, all I want to say,

I will love you, more and more each day.

Your troubles are mine too, your smile is my life,

Don’t give up on your dreams, as I’ll be there as your accomplice…